We are a social enterprise of architects, urbanists and policy specialists working to accelerate the Green Transition. We are based in the West of Ireland but work across Ireland and Europe.

Why we act

Our natural and built environments are facing increased pressures due to climate change and biodiversity loss. At the heart of this is bad design. We’ve developed generic solutions for varied contexts. We’ve disconnected ourselves from nature. We’ve built an unsustainable world.

The good news is that change is possible. At ACT we are motivated by the idea that together we can create a thriving world that is more healthy, more natural, more inclusive, more resilient, more diverse and more beautiful.

Inna   Zoom
Inna Stryzhak
Architectural Assistant
James   Zoom
James McConville
Managing Director
Kevin   Zoom
Kevin Loftus
Design Director
Tom   Zoom
Tom Lindsay
Strategy & Policy
Simone   Zoom
Simone Broglia
Rebecca   Zoom
Rebecca O'Malley
Administration & Coordination

How we work

We focus on impact
We approach all projects with the aim of realising their potential environmental, economic, social and political impact.

We collaborate
We know we don’t have all the answers. We actively look to collaborate with others who share our vision for a better future.

We are curious
Conventional forms of practice have brought us to our current crisis. We start each project from first principles to uncover improved solutions.

We think long-term
Our decisions now affect future generations. We avoid short-term thinking and strive to implement actions that will have positive long-term impacts.

We aim to inspire
We see each project as an opportunity to create a better reality and, through showcasing best practice, teach and inspire others.