Telling the Story of Dundalk's Natural Heritage

ClientThe Heritage Council

From Demense Trees to Urban Trees

As part of the Collaborative Town Centre Health Check (CTCHC) project, ACT was commissioned by The Heritage Council to complete a project narrating the natural heritage of Dundalk's Long Walk trees. The project's output included an  animation which contexualised the 42 Long Walk trees and showed the multiple co-benefits these urban trees provide Dundalk Town Centre. 

The project worked with a range of stakeholders including Dundalk Business Improvement District (BID), Louth County Council, Louth County Museum, The Museum of Childhood and Bluesky Mapping. 

Explore More of Dundalk's Natural Heritage

Alongside the natural heritage animation ACT created Dundalk's Tree Sightseeing Map which utilised the council's existing Tree Protection Order dataset. This map enabled users to the other 63 tree protected areas around Dundalk Town. 

Dundalk's Tree Sightseeing Map


Project Stakeholder
  • Dundalk Business Improvement District (BID)
  • Louth County Council
  • Louth County Museum
  • The Museum of Childhood
Geospatial Data
  • Bluesky